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MaXalami NoodLever

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MaXalami Noodlever - The revolution of the tyre lever!

The MaXalami Noodlever significantly simplifies the mounting and dismounting of tubeless tyres.

This is particularly important when using tyre inserts.

The mounting problem is usually not due to too large tolerance fields of tires or rims. This is because the position of the tyre and the tyre insert in the rim is not optimal. This is where the Noodlever comes in and puts the tyre in the right position.

The installation and removal of tyre inserts can even be carried out by amateurs.

The patent-pending development was designed in Germany in cooperation with engineers, racers and mechanics. It combines three tools in one:

  • ·         The mounting tool brings the tyre bead into the right position to make it easier to mount the tyre.
  • ·         The dismounting tool first brings the tyre insert into the correct position and then releases the tyre bead from the rim flange.
  • ·         The robust tyre lever can be used for very tight tyres. In our experience, this is required much less frequently after using the mounting or dismounting tool.

"During the many public appearances with MaXalami, I realized that even skilled personnel very often have problems mounting tubeless tires with tire inserts, such as Pepi's Tire Noodle," says development engineer and managing director of MaXalami GmbH Max Friedrich,

"With the MaXalami Noodlever, we have created a tool that offers unprecedented possibilities for both installation and removal".

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