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Salice MX2 goggles - black ita / red

Salice MX2 goggles - black ita / red

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The Rainbow anti-scratch polycarbonate lens is subjected to a multi-layered color on the front that has the purpose to reduce the reflections of the high beam surfaces (water, snow and ice) and to increase at the same time the filtering power of the lens. The UV400 protection ensures maximum coverage from ultraviolet rays.

The Polarflex lens works when light reflects on plain surfaces (water, snow, wet roads) it breaks in to horizontal and vertical vibrations which increases the strain on the eyes. New polarised POLAR FLEX lenses absorb the light and channel it in to a single direction, removing the horizontal white light which contributes to the glare. Dazzling reflections which are ten times brighter than ordinary light distort colours, change the way we estimate depth and impair our quality of vision. Salice goggles with the Polar Flex shield are especially suitable for snow: they guarantee a glare-free vision, enhance natural colours, offer complete protection from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays and provide the user with long-lasting comfort.

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