Off-Line Sports tape 2.5см - green

Off-Line Sports tape 2.5см - green

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This self-adhesive and multipurpose bandage is actually the best choice for many touchline tape jobs. Extra flexible and comfortable to wear it does not stick to the skin but it DOES stick to itself. As it contains no adhesive, it will not inflict any damage to the skin or hair. It stretches a lot – up to double allowing you great flexibility to choose a level of compression to fit the situation.

The Cohesive Bandage is easy to use and hand-tearable providing secure adhesion, that stays firmly in place without slipping exactly as you placed it until it is pulled off or unwrapped.

Our Cohesive Bandage is free of latex and it removes from the skin painlessly and leaves no adhesive residue behind.

Perfect for weightlifting, lacrosse, rugby, football, CrossFit, athletes, climbers and every sport enthusiast

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