Order a Cannondale or GT 2022 bike and get up to 20% discount!

Wondering which bike is right for you? Here are three steps to help you figure out which bike is best for you:

- Style: The various disciplines in mountain biking are mainly related to the terrain and its slope. The different routes suggest specific characteristics of the bike and therefore the first thing you need to consider is where and how you plan to ride. If you love nature walks with friends and basically ride up and down the trails, then your style is Trail. This category is not a discipline in racing and trail wheels emphasize fun, efficiency and the lowest possible weight at the same time. If you like cardio more and the technical trails are not the most attractive for you, then we will recommend you to focus on the Cross country style. The complete opposite of the Cross country style is Downhill. It is designed for fans of technical descent, who are looking for the thrill in every root, stone and jump. But if you want something in between the previous two styles, then the Enduro discipline is just for you! The Enduro combines the high cardio load with the high technicality of the tracks!
- Key features: The most important features for your bike are the suspension, tire size, frame material, gears and brakes. We advise you not to save on any of these items!
- Size: Last but not least, it is important that the bike should be made for you. This is best determined when you visit our stores where our friendly staff could help you to choose the right size.

Fortunately for you, in addition to helping you choose the bike you dream of, we also give you the opportunity to pre-order your bike from Cannondale & GT 2022 models and even get up to 20% off the price!

How it works? - Very easy - look at the proposed bikes or best visit one of our stores, where you will receive competent advice and answer to any hesitation. Once you choose your model, you need to contact us and pay part of the amount or pay the full value of the bike to order it.
You will find the conditions of the promotion under the photos of the bicycles we offer you.

To view more models, please visit the Cannondale & GT websites and also ask us further for availability.

Promotion’s conditions:

- The promotion is NOT valid for models that are available at the time of your inquiry in any of the stores of MSM SPORT Ltd. or online store.

Amount of the discount for full prepayment of the bike:

- 10% of the final price for bicycles up to BGN 1,000;
- 15% of the final price for bicycles from BGN 1,000 to 2,000;
- 20% of the final price for bicycles over BGN 2,000.

Amount of the discount when paying a deposit of at least 30%:

- 5% of the final price for bicycles up to BGN 1,000;
- 10% of the final price for bicycles from 1000 to 2000 BGN;
- 15% of the final price for bicycles over BGN 2,000.

- For more information and delivery times, visit our physical stores in Sofia at 14 Kozyak Str. And 81B Bulgaria Blvd.
- The numbers are very limited, so we advise you to hurry up!

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