MSM Sport with new identity, new brands and new surprises

MSM Sport is part of Bulgarian cycling for more than 21 years. Throughout this time, we have been an active part of the development of Bulgarian cycling, not just because this is our profession, but also our passion. The same passion keeps the fire burning and we’re still excited for every ride in the mountain the same way we were 21 years ago. Our love for cycling is what has made us decide to make a change. A change that inspires all of us. It’s time that MSM Sport gets closer to the mountain, closer to you. Our main motivation is to develop and nurture the cycling sport, and to provide mountain bikes to everyone according to their interest and ability. This way we’ll walk together to the top.

In MSM sport you’ll find the well recognizable brand like Scott, but also other global manufactures, that will fulfill your expectations. We’ll provide you with the opportunity to choose from 4 major bicycle brands, each with its own character and specifics.

Don’t forget: Get there!

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