This is the question that almost every mountain biker has come across at least once in his life. That’s the reason why we’ve decided to get some insights by someone with vast experience. This “person” has tried countless helmets, protection, and all kind of accessories. This is Gosho the mannequin. He is our colleague in MSM shops.

Hey Goshe, some time ago you’ve mentioned that you want to share your opinion on the hot topic about protection gear for mountain biking. All in all, you’re a person with substantial experience in mountain biking, and we’ll be glad to hear your opinion in detail.

Gosho: That’s right! You’ve understood me right. I’m part of MSM for 10 years now, and I’ve seen everything that came on the Bulgarian market. Not that I want to brag about it, but I’ve tried almost everything.

Sounds great, share some more information. What is your impression with half-shell helmets for XC and enduro?

Gosho: That type of helmets have their advantages and of course disadvantages. My personal opinion is that they are best for light trails. They suit people who don’t look for for extreme experience. If you prefer riding on less technical trails and don’t like to go over roots and rock – this type of helmet is great for you. During the hot days it’s great because it offers better ventilation and comfort. They have good protection, besides for your smile. I’m a mannequin and that is important for me. Look how good this one fits me. It’s from the Italian brand MET and is quite light and comfy. I recommend this type of helmets to people that are not planning to experiment with difficult trails.

Half-Shell helmet Met MTB

Interesting opinion Goshe and quite professional. You’ve put some facts and adequate comments. I’m a bit surprised with you. Tell me what do you think about full face helmets?

Gosho: Those are my favorite. The truth is that full face helmets offer the greatest protection for your head. Every helmet has a level of protection or certificate. The one I wear now is Fox Rampage, and is one of the best for serious riding. Full face helmets feel a bit worm when the weather is hot and you have to pedal a lot. Even the most ventilated helmet makes you sweat.
It’s recommended that full face helmets are a integral part of the equipment of every mountain bike rider who wants to experiment with jumps, technical trails or just wants more protection.

In order to make sense of it – if you’ve changed your baby teeth it’s good to have full face helmet. It’s important and responsible that the kids are equipped with this type of helmets. Sometimes parents neglect this and we want to flag it as a mistake. It’s important that young riders are well protected.

Full face helmet Fox Rampage

Thank you Goshe. Yet again an in-depth analysis from you. I’m wondering why didn’t we have this conversation before? What is your opinion on helmets that combine both types of protection?

Gosho: I believe this is the future. The helmet I have on is Met Parachute. Super light ventilated and with serious protection. It even has MIPS technology, which reduces the chance for concussion. It’s super comfortable, that helmet can be transformed from full face to half-shell and back. I like it because during the hot days I can climb with the half-shell and when the trail starts to point downhill, I put on the chin protector. That type of helmet offers the best from both words. Here at MSM we have a couple of different models and each one of it is comfortable and secure.

full-face Met Parachute MTB MSM Sport

Wow seems you know everything bro. Thank you for the honest answers and professional tips.

Of course, I know what I’m talking about. I’m part of the industry from a long time. I want to tell everybody that reads this – that the protection super important. The line between being fed by a tube and have a mild headache is very thin. Do not risk it and don’t make compromise when you consider protection. You’re the most important person in your life. I recommend that everyone considers the protection in MTB.

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