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Riesel fork:TAPE 3000 camo
Riesel fork:TAPE 3000 camo
Riesel fork:TAPE 3000 camo

Riesel fork:TAPE 3000 camo

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The fork is one of the most exposed parts of our bike. That’s why we developed fork:TAPE 3000. It protects your fork from rock chips, scratches, rubbing brake hose and looks so damn good!

- Protects your fork from wear and tear
- Fits any bike with a suspension fork. Can also be used on rigid forks
- Fast and easy to install. Even on the most difficult curves
- Residue-free removable
- Makes your bike look unique
- Crisp look on any fork. fork:TAPE 3000 camo is printed on a white base to make it work on any fork. Regardless of color and graphics

- Ideal shape and size to protect your fork. Set includes two huge shapes 82 x 247 mm each. The shapes can be easily trimmed with scissors or a box cutter if necessary
- Water- and tool-free installation. The adhesive material allows for easy repositioning while installing
- Fade-resistant and super resilient. Our hi-tech material with honeycomb structure lasts to infinity and beyond
- Total weight: 23 g

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